About us

It is unforgettable time … Vacations… and it is better to think about them earlier… The best chance cannot be omitted of visiting Central Asian countries now it is possible the visit of not only Kyrgyzstan but also Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. We are joyful of meeting you and our car rent company can assist you with your vacations arranging. You ask us…what need you do… and we reply please just write us e-mail and our professional operators reply you. Nowadays there are lots of car rent companies in Bishkek city which is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. But we can be known as the leader auto rent company amid them not only because of admissible prices and nice service but also wide series of cars for rent. And only our auto rent company can arrange all documents for mixed tour having around Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The client may book the cars for rent not only in Bishkek but also in Almaty which is the city of Kazakhstan and there may pass it. The businessmen are preferable business meetings organization in Dushanbe city which is the capital of Tajikistan. Immense number of historical places like museums can be attended for instance in Bishkek, or in Almaty or in Dushanbe.

A Cars for rent are distinguished of several types of classes. It means for instance high class of cars for rent which is applied in the business trips time or medium class of autos which is appropriated for the self-driving on the off-road amid beautiful Tien Shan Mountains. You cannot imagine which remarkable tour you have. Central Asia countries are saved their hospitality. These folk have other mentality than you. They are fond of the invitation of guests. They abide by their customs and traditions since infancy. You have admirable chance of seeing and feeling everything. Believing in our auto rent company and you will be joyous of such unforgettable tour having amid countries where you can see not only hospitality but also nomadic life.

The service of our car rent company can be chosen and you will be pleased of operating with us because we try to take into consideration your dreams according the tour. This tour will be incredible tour in your life!