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Traveling around our country with the car rent Kyrgyzstan service gives tourists the opportunity to try the tastiest dishes of local cuisine during the tour, which are prepared in accordance with a centuries-old tradition. Travelers, lovers of gastronomic tours, take a similar tour with the cars rent service because they understand that the local cuisine has absorbed, due to the influence of other cultures, interesting and delicious dishes of such peoples as Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russians and Europeans. Contact us and we will tell you, dear travelers, how to take a gastronomic tour with the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service and what restaurants or cafes to visit. Moreover, in order for our guests to know what the main dishes of the Kyrgyz cuisine are, we have prepared an article:


Bread was and remains a particularly important product on the table of the Kyrgyz people when taking any meal. Especially noticeable is the respectful attitude of the nomads to bread. For example, the tradition of Kyrgyz nomads says that bread should not be cut with a knife, but torn with your hands and never put the bread upside down but put as a rule upside up. Well, travelers during the tour can see for themselves that the Kyrgyz cuisine has a large number of different bread products. Nevertheless, we will all highlight the most popular among them, and this is a lepeshka and a boorsok. A lepeshka is a round bread baked in a tandoor (traditional). A famous boorsok is a piece of dough fried in oil.


People with a nomadic lifestyle were once familiar with this dish called beshbarmak. Such a more disturbing and traditional dish is boiled mutton with onions and dough that is traditionally accepted to be eaten by hand without cutlery. Since this is a dish of Kyrgyz cuisine, the locals eat with their hands, then wash their hands and say words of blessing. In addition, one of the principles of accepting such a traditional dish is that people sit next to each other and discuss various topics during the meal.


Chuchuk is a local delicacy prepared from kazy kabyrga, ulcers, salt, pepper, black pepper, onion, garlic, caraway seeds, and bay leaves. A good marinade of meat also plays an important role here. This is a kind of sausage that is very often served on tables during holidays or at toi (celebration). During the tour with the car rent Kyrgyzstan, traveling around the state, tourists can taste this delicious sausage of Kyrgyz cuisine.


Kyrgyz cuisine is also famous for such a dish as kuurdak that is a roast of beef or lamb with potatoes and onions. This is a fairly ancient dish that was popular among nomadic peoples and they then cooked it on metal. It is worth knowing that thanks to the stones, kuurdak acquires an incredible taste.


Shorpo is a filling soup made from meat with herbs and vegetables, which is one of the various soups of oriental cuisine. Travelers take the cars rent service during the tour, visit one of the restaurants and while tasting this soup they add more red pepper to make the taste unique. It should be noted that by this method of adding these spices, all the ingredients acquire an unforgettable taste.


Plov (pilaf) is now almost a recognizable dish in many countries that was originally prepared only by Central Asian countries. This dish is very significant for the Kyrgyz, since the locals cook plov for almost all events such as weddings, funerals, childbirth, etc.


Traveling around the state with car for rent Kyrgyzstan service, guests of the country can taste a fragrant meat pie with meat, onions and spices. The pie is juicy and aromatic due to the fact that it is cooked in a special traditional oven called tandoor or on special stones. By the way, travelers today can find samsa with different fillings, such as vegetable or chicken.


A dish that is a dough stuffed with minced meat and cooked in a special steamer (kaskan) is called manty. This Kyrgyz dish is usually eaten by locals with no cutlery and served in a large plate in the middle of the table. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with the cars rent during the tour, you will have the opportunity to taste manty in any restaurant or cafe in the country.


An excellent dish representing the cuisine of the peoples of Central Asia. This delicious dish is made from lamb and vegetables, noodles. This dish pays the most attention to the noodles, because these are special noodles that are hand-stretched. Fortunately, these noodles can be found in grocery stores today. In addition, lagman is prepared with a large amount of water to make a soup from it. The locals also add ingredients such as peppers, eggplants, beans, radishes, onions, carrots, etc. to this dish.

Ashlyam – Fu

This is a dish that makes the city of Karakol famous not only among locals but among travelers who want to taste the most delicious Ashlyam-Fu. In other words, many tourists take car rent Kyrgyzstan service on the tour and go to this city in order to taste a dish of local cuisine that has Muslim, Dungan and Chinese origins. Such a famous dish consists of noodles, starch and sauce, vegetables and is eaten cold.


Shashlyk is an ancient dish reminiscent of a kebab, also cooked over a fire. When traveling in the state with the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service, tourists can taste the fragrant Shashlyk in any restaurant or cafe in the country. This type of local cuisine appeared during the Turkic culture and the name is closely related to this. In fact, this dish is marinated meat with various spices and sauces, also accompanied with onions and other vegetables.


Dymlyama is a yummy meat and vegetable dish that is cooked on the basis of stewing. Probably this is the easiest way to prepare a dish, because when cooking Dymlyama, you just need to put the ingredients one by one and simmer over low heat. The dish turns out to be aromatic and delicious despite the simplicity of preparation. Locals usually use ingredients such as lamb, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and so on to prepare such a dish.


Ganfan is an ancient Kyrgyz dish that is commonly compared to a dish like lagman. Just remember that these two dishes also have differences for example, ganfan is made with less water, with more vegetables, and rice is used instead of noodles. Almost every Kyrgyz family prefers to eat ganfan.


Foreign guests traveling around the country with the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service are surprised at the diversity of Kyrgyz cuisine, as well as the fact that here during the tour you can taste Slavic cuisine, for example, borsch. Borsch is a soup famous for its red color that is made from beef and vegetables. The most important ingredient for borsch is beetroot that gives the soup its distinctive red color.


Arriving for the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan service to travel around the territory, you will understand that representatives of many nationalities live on the territory of the country and, consequently, the cuisine is diverse. For example, tourists visiting restaurants or cafes here can find côtelette in the menu that have adapted to the local Kyrgyz cuisine coming from the French. The well-known fact is that initially the dish was prepared from meat ribs. The most important advantage of this dish called cutlets is that any animal meat, such as chicken, turkey and beef, can be used for its preparation. You can also add potatoes and onions to this tender and juicy dish.


We urge the guests of the country to definitely taste Kyrgyz snacks called kurut during the tour. Kurut is small balls in shape and tastes salty, creamy, sometimes sweet and sour, even spicy. Both adults and children love this national snack here.


Mampar is a delicious soup of Central Asian cuisine, which is often eaten when one wants to eat some kind of rich soup. Such a popular local soup is boiled dough (dumplings) with onions, herbs and potatoes.


Pelmeni (dumplings) are definitely a dish that comes from Slavic cuisine. This dish is very beloved by the locals and is a dough stuffed with minced meat that is boiled in salted water.